Channel Letters in Ottawa

At Signage Ottawa, we are experts in illuminated Channel letters. 

Give your organization a 3D element of attractiveness that your customers will admire. These illuminated channel letters provide an interesting means of getting your message out and are increasingly becoming the most popular illuminated signs used by restaurants and stores in Ottawa and Gatineau. Channel Letters are excellent in high-traffic areas because their bright lights will catch the customer’s eye and make your business shine even at night.

Channel letters offer a powerful blend of sophistication, style, and visibility that can elevate your brand’s outdoor presence. These three-dimensional, illuminated signages provide an aesthetically pleasing and highly effective means of displaying your brand’s message.

Custom Channel Letters

Signage Ottawa offers channel Letters that are customized signage for your logo or font. They are generally made with plexi diffuser faces with aluminum returns and have LEDs installed on the inside for lighting. We can install these individually directly on the face or with a support box, according to your needs. Signage Ottawa designs manufacture and install this kind of illuminated channel letters signage. From simple to elaborate designs, we can provide solutions that deliver real results. Our channel letters experts will work with you to create the best advertising in the region that expresses your company’s personality while communicating your messages clearly. We offer easy design of more than a dozen types of custom signage to fulfill the creative needs of nearly every industry in the province.

Excellent for High-Traffic Areas

Channel letters truly shine in high-traffic areas where competition for attention is intense. The bright lights of our channel letters are designed to catch the customer’s eye amid the hustle and bustle. This ensures your business stands out, attracting potential customers and directing them to your doorstep. Furthermore, their durability and resilience to weather make them a long-lasting investment that continues to perform even in challenging conditions.

Increasing Popularity in Ottawa and Gatineau

Channel letters are becoming the preferred choice of illuminated signage for restaurants, stores, and businesses across Ottawa and Gatineau. This surge in popularity is a testament to their effectiveness in delivering clear, attractive, and impactful branding. From bustling city centers to quiet suburban streets, our channel letters have illuminated businesses and enhanced their visibility throughout the region.

Businesses in the Ottawa and Gatineau area trust us to design and produce all of their projects quickly, affordably and efficiently. We understand how valuable it is to stand out from the crowd, which is why our illuminated channel letters are not only for use at night—with creative design in our wide range of colours, you can make your channel letters pop all day long with a fantastic range of options to highlight your business name. We maintain the highest possible standards of quality, no matter the project size. 

Regardless of your custom channel letters requirements or being unsure where to begin, we are certain we will be able to assist at the phone number: 613-986-4000 or email:

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Client Testimonials on Channel Letter Signs

Signage Ottawa is a great company for channel letters in Ottawa. I recently used their service and the final product is great! Thank you for your expertise in commercial signage in Ottawa!