Door Signs

Office door signs are essential for all kinds of workplaces, headquarters, institutions or facilities. It serves as a label for the different key areas and rooms inside your building. It also helps everyone who has access to the office, such as employees, vendors and other guests, to easily find specific rooms or people. These signs can also help the sight-impaired if you are able to incorporate Braille and other design features such as contrasting colours and raised characters.

There are many types of custom door signs that will fit your needs the most:

Aluminum Door Panels
Aluminum is one of the most popular materials in the industry for office door panels. It is available in a variety of finishes and thickness levels, based on whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. It is generally lightweight, making it an easy material to install and to replace if necessary.

Aluminum Doors Signs
If you’re looking for custom door panels that are long-lasting and durable, alumalite is the ideal choice for you. It consists of two sheets of aluminum that seal a corrugated plastic core. Since it is more resistant than other panels, it is more cost-effective because you don’t have to replace it constantly.

Engraved Door Panels
Engraved office door signs are one of the most common custom door signs. You can select them in a variety of materials such as clear acrylic, metal or plastic. These engraved door signs are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Coroplast Doors Signs
If you’re looking for fully waterproof door signs, coroplast is the way to go. This type of signage is also a favourite of many facilities because of its durability. While it is typically found outdoors, using coroplast office door signs inside your building further increases the life of your signage.

Armour Wood Door Signs
Armour wood is the type of signage you should choose if you really want to get the most out of your money, as it is the most durable door panel on the market. It is made from a massive wood core that is sealed by two aluminum sheets. This is the perfect choice if you are feeling confident in your design and want your office door signs to hold up for a lifetime.

Acrylic Door Signs
Want signage that is elegant, modern, impactful and professional? Acrylic signs are ideal for offices that want to make a great first impression on their visitors and employees. They come in a wide variety of finishes and styles for you to choose from. It is also the most customizable of all personalized door signs. Moreover, it can be installed both inside and outside the facility. With its stunning design, it is ideal for corporate offices and companies that really want to stand out.

Foam Doors Signs
If you are looking for a temporary or semi-permanent custom door sign, then a foam core is a great option. It is inexpensive, lightweight and simple to install.

Dibond Doors Signs
Dibond is one of the best signs for installations because it is both lightweight and strong. It is great for indoor and outdoor use because it is also weather resistant.

Decal Doors Signs
These signs are perfect if you want to keep things simple and modern. You don’t have to worry about assembling or hanging these office door signs, because all you have to do is just stick these decals on and you’re done! The decals are excellent for glass doors and windows.

Vinyl Doors Signs
Vinyl is another simple and easy to install, yet stylish door sign. It’s perfect for glass doors because it delivers all the necessary information you need to communicate, such as the company name, logo, office and work hours, and contact numbers, among others.