Increase the coziness of your backyard, patio or deck with an attractive and stylish retractable patio awning. At Signage Ottawa, we help you find great solutions for your patio—protecting you, your patio and your outdoor furniture from heat and harmful UV rays on warm summer days.

Awnings, or overhangs, are secondary covers that are attached to the exterior of a building. They are usually made of woven fabric, often with layers of laminated vinyl or some other protective treatment, and stretched over a solid or rigid structure for support. Awnings, in a variety of formats, have been around for centuries, providing protection from the sun, rain and wind, and helping to make indoor and outdoor spaces more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. They can be an attractive and useful addition to your home, protecting it and adding to its value.

A patio cover can help make your deck or patio more welcoming and comfortable when entertaining, grilling or just relaxing outdoors. In contrast to a retractable awning that only provides protection from the sun, a patio awning is engineered with an aluminum frame and will provide protection to your outdoor space not only from the full sun, but also during rainy or windy weather, making your deck or patio more usable. Side panels or curtains can provide extra protection from the elements and extend your outdoor season.