Restaurant Signs

Signage Ottawa has been working with a large variety of retail signage clients on a wide range of projects, including new exterior signs, interior signs and complete store refreshment projects.
Our in-house production capability allows us to deliver a full range of signage solutions for businesses.

Whether you are considering storefront, projection signs, large format graphics or in-store and point-of-sale promotions, Signage Ottawa will help you.

Signage Ottawa will work with any client on the design, fabrication and installation of our retail signage solutions of any size. With our vast installation network, we can handle the installation of your signage solutions wherever you are.

As a popular restaurant, branding is important. It’s about personality, it’s about design, it’s about interior design, but some importantly it’s about aesthetics. It’s not helpful to create a beautiful place for people to eat, then install ugly signage that ruins the look.

At the same time, having clear restaurant signage is a necessity. You don’t want customers walking into the kitchen by mistake, or constantly asking for help because they cannot find the bathroom. It may sound insignificant, but a small detail like this can result in a customer not coming back. The entire customer experience, from start to finish, needs to be the absolute best it can be, the first time and every time.

If you operate a large restaurant, you’ll require signage to help people and staff navigate the space efficiently, stay safe and find the things they need quickly and easily. And that’s not all. You want people to be able to see your eye-catching outdoor restaurant signage from a distance, and you want it to encourage them to enter or make a reservation.

Whether you need something illuminated or not, large or small, subtle or dramatic, effective design and great graphics will contribute to better marketing, both reflecting the style that makes your establishment unique inside and out. Contact us to see how we can assist you in communicating with your current customers and attracting new ones.