Window Graphics

Window decals are a distinctive type of sign that can be oriented to the front, back or both sides. The larger ones are often referred to as window murals or window wraps, referring to the way they cover most of the window surface, while the smaller ones are usually referred to as “decals”.

The majority of the decals are made from 3M vinyl, which will adhere to the surface of the glass. They are removable, which makes them preferable to paint and etched glass, both of which can permanently damage the glass. Static decals are reusable, but most of them are created with a type of adhesive that can be removed cleanly but can only be used once.

Installing vinyl window decals is a captivating way to completely change the look of a window. Some decals are practical, others are just for decoration. On almost any window, you’ll notice custom logo decals, custom lettering decals, and much more.

It is the personalization options that make these decals such a successful choice for customers. Signage Ottawa customers are choosing these products because they like the ability to modify them to suit their business needs. Vinyl, as a versatile material, can be shaped, cut and printed in any desired colour and design.

Decals have a variety of uses. Smaller size decals include store time signs, sales decals, payment accepted decals. Larger products can include designs such as vacation decorations, full-size logo decals, large format vinyl window lettering, and many more.

Opaque or Semi-Transparent

The vinyl used for window decals starts out being clear, which means we can customize it to be clear, opaque, or somewhere in between. You can use opaque window decals to create intimacy between outside observers and inside customers. You can also use transparent window decals which are the best for sending a message without obstructing the light.

Decorative or Informative

Window decals can be used for either decorative or informational purposes. For example, you can have your business hours printed on the window stickers, which gives a more professional look to your customers. Some stickers are for service marketing, others are used for decorative purposes, to simply provide a “feel” when someone comes into the store.

Small or Large Format

Decals can be as small as a few inches or as large as an entire window. In Gatineau, where we are located, you will find decals of all sizes to help with the entire look of the window.