Long Dome

The long dome awning is a combination of the traditional dome awning and the waterfall awning. It is perfect for spaces with limited headroom to support a standard dome awning in Ottawa.

The long dome awning has a three-sided frame in the shape of an extended dome. The dome and two sides are covered with fabric/canvas or other material. Long dome awnings are similar to a dome on the sides and an extended dome on the front. This type of blind is usually located over long windows.

An elongated dome awning offers the sculpted design and elegance of a dome awning with the curved feature of a convex awning that can be used to cover a wide horizontal area, such as a series of multiple windows, a sliding door, French doors or a door with sidelights. The long span of an extended dome awning offers protection from the sunlight and weather elements for larger spaces and can be a beautiful complement to a variety of different architectural styles.